Plastic Components for Automotive Batteries.


Dallon Plastics - Plastic Components for Automotive Batteries


To make every customer an admirer of the brand.


To conquer the customer to the point of being considered irreplaceable.

Tireless as you

We do not get tired of looking for the best route, the smartest way, the most qualified route, the ideal place. We do not get tired of looking for what can make the world better, to make life easier and to guarantee the evolution of things and people.

We are tireless because you can not stop. Moving forward is good, but moving in the right direction is what ensures the conquest. Therefore, we do not get tired of working every day more so that you work better, more conscious and that collects achievements.

Not only do we receive requests, we take on missions. Not only do we manufacture products, we help build stories. At Plajax, experience is not past, it is discovery. We admire the solution, but what we really like is when it comes with innovation. .

Honestly, we are completely in love with what we offer you. We are a brand that breathes, pulsates and feels instead of simply attending. We formed a team that took a taste for the victory and that gives itself body and soul to always leave you in front of the goal.

Together with you, we are more possibilities. Near you, we are more discoveries. On your side, we are much more development and quality.

"Plajax is like this, tireless as you"

Quality and Environment Policy

Plajax - Indústria e Comercio de Plásticos Ltda. Its activities are: design, development, production and marketing of plastic and metal products for batteries, and service provision of plastic injection and metal injection services, located at Industrial District I, in the city of Bauru/SP, adopted as Quality and Environment Policy:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by meeting requirements, expectations and interests;
  • Train employees by encouraging teamwork;
  • Continuously improve the Quality and Environment Management system;
  • Develop suppliers with quality and environmentally correct;
  • Demonstrate our commitment to meet the legal requirements and other environmental requirements;
  • Demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention.

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